What we do

We Inspire and Empower

We are dedicated to build capacity of Women to address societal determinants of health. We empower and inspire widows, vulnerable girls and women in marginalized communities to achieve their full potential.

Workshops & Training

We provide workshops and training with the help of partners to teach the women for example in poultry as well as entrepreneurship in general. By enabling them to earn their own money they can live a self-responsible life, send their children to school and provide food for the family.

Sanitary towels

Sanitary towels distribution at grassroots communities

Girls Mentorship

Girls mentorship at Odienya Primary school.

Savings Groups

In the group meetings, the women learn about financial issues and entrepreneurship. They help and support each other in saving money, taking loans to grow their business or to overcome a financial problem. Apart from that, the group meetings are also an opportunity to discuss problems they face and to share knowledge and experiences.

Counselling & Support

We support young teenage mothers and try to find ways so that they can go back to school. But before that, we offer counselling in order to help them overcome difficult times, low self-esteem and other problems they face as young single mothers.

Rabbit Rearing Project

Increased awareness of the high potential of rabbit products is making a positive impact on the lives of subsistence, limited resource rural and periurban population.

Armstrong women empowerment center have formally established rabbit program to support Boys of ages 12-20years to be precise in Nyando and Kisumu Sub Counties respectively following an effective sensitization of the boys on the self-reliant benefits of raising rabbits. The project is to help reduce the boy child going to the streets and in identifying the challenges they face.

We're creating lasting impact

Widows Supported
Girls Supported
Teenage Mothers
Orphans & Vulnerable